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#1186: Provide a version of CCTK_WARN which never returns
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 CCTK_WARN(0,...) always causes a fatal abort, but the compiler does not
 know this.  Hence, it incorrectly warns that variables might be used
 without being set because it doesn't know that the only path that doesn't
 set them terminates the program.  I propose introducing a new function
 CCTK_WARN_ABORT(...) which calls CCTK_WARN(0,...) and is declared with the
 attribute noreturn (http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-3.2/gcc/Function-
 Attributes.html) so that the compiler knows that it can never return, and
 does not make incorrect conclusions when computing variable dependencies
 (CCTK_Abort is already defined without an error message).

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