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#1186: Provide a version of CCTK_WARN which never returns
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Comment (by knarf):

 This sounds like a good idea. However, is it known whether other compilers
 than gcc honor this attribute? If not this would only silence the warning
 if gcc is used. However, there could be a new macro like the proposed
 CCTK_ERROR which is actually calling 'exit()' after CCTK_WARN(0) (which
 would never be really called, but the compiler would see it). If we go
 that way, CCTK_VError would also me handy, analogous to CCTK_VWarn.

 If one would like to be picky then one could also point out that a
 negative error level is allowed in Cactus (but probably shouldn't, which
 is another issue). That means CCTK_WARN(0,"") does in fact not necessarily
 abort right now (but again, probably should).

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