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#1303: document syntax of new parameter file parser
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 currently we have no documentation as to what format the new parser
 accepts. As a matter of fact the documentation in the UsersGuide (see
 is in contradiction with what the parser will allow:

 * The parameter file is read sequentially from top to bottom, this means
 that if you set the value of a parameter twice in the parameter file, the
 second value will be used.
 * String parameter values can be specified either as unquoted tokens (not
 containing any whitespace), or as quoted values. If a quoted string
 parameter value spans multiple lines, all whitespaces, including newline
 characters, are preserved.

 which will fail. Actually the first one is already incorrect with the
 current implementation which does not allow a parameter to be set twice
 (since this is often a sign of a user error).

 While this is "just" documentation, I'll still flag it as major since the
 parser is so fundamental.

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