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#1290: parameter file parser fails to parse parameter name
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Comment (by rhaas):

 apparently the parser requires whitespace between operators and parameter
 name. From the error text it even seems as if it tries to accept "/" as
 part of the parameter name. Cactus already limits that allowed letters in
 parameter names to [A-Za-z]{A-Za-z0-9_]* [plus the :: to separate thorn
 from parameter part] so that (possibly with more stuff for [] of parameter
 vectors) would seem like a sufficiently large class to include. having to
 have  to separate operators from variable names by white space is unheard
 of in any programming language that I have ever worked with (even Tcl
 which allows *anything* incl "/" and the empty string for variable names
 will require that it is referred to as ${/} when its value is needed).

 EOS_Omni::poly_k =
 fails, but
 EOS_Omni::poly_k = grhydro_initdata::rotor_pressin /
 grhydro_initdata::rotor_rhoin ** EOS_Omni::gl_gamma

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