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#1270: Formaline doesn't understand CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR
  Reporter:  sbrandt  |       Owner:                     
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  closed             
  Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  ET_2013_05         
 Component:  Other    |     Version:  development version
Resolution:  fixed    |    Keywords:  Formaline          

Comment (by eschnett):

 The tarball flesh-Cactus.tar.gz should contain the thorn list and related
 files directly in a directory "configs"; if it is hidden in a subdirectory
 called "home/...", it will be difficult to find. Note that the leading
 slash of "/home/sbrandt" has been removed by tar, so that untarring the
 tarball will create a directory hierarchy that originally didn't even

 This is not specific to hwloc; many other thorns do the same. You probably
 only see the error in hwloc since you either don't build the other thorns,
 or would build them after hwloc. I assume that CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR needs to
 be an absolute path.

 Why did you just close this ticket?

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