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#1342: list-simulations shows queued simulation as "finished"
  Reporter:  hinder      |       Owner:  eschnett
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Comment (by eschnett):

 Technically, this is correct. "finished" implies that the restarted
 finished, but has not yet been cleaned up, and this is indeed the case
 since it will only be cleaned up when the next restart runs. One could do
 two things:

 (1) When examining the simulation, implicitly run the "cleanup" stage
 (with proper locking, not yet implemented)
 (2) Invent a new modifier, such as "finished (presubmitted)", indicating
 that the job will continue.

 Thinking about this, something like "(presubmitted)" should probably be
 present anyway.

 Since cleaning up a simulation may perform some relevant or necessary
 tasks, I would not want to call this simulation simply "inactive".

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