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#1717: hwloc: lnuma & lltdl *really* required?
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Comment (by knarf):

 I agree about the problem with workarounds. However:

 Replying to [comment:12 eschnett]:
 > As I mentioned before, it is very easy (a one-line addition) to update
 the option list for your machine to avoid this problem. Also, since your
 system seems broken, you'd have to explain why you cannot correct your
 install, and why you think that modifying Cactus instead is a better idea.

 This seems to be a generic Ubuntu installation. It is not an isolated
 machine. New users are not unlikely to hit the same issue, unless they
 know to choose the (then fixed) option list. Also, if this is a problem
 with the .pc files in hwloc, then this is likely a problem even outside of

 > However, you raise the questions whether Cactus should be linked
 statically or dynamically by default. These days, we tend to like static
 linking because (a) disk space usage is not really a concern, and (b) this
 means that executables are more independent once created.

 This might be true on a supercomputer. I certainly like dynamic libraries
 more when I develop, i.e., most of the time on my laptop/workstation. So,
 I would answer this with "it depends". I would think both should work.

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