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#1643: cannot compile with release version of simfactory
 Reporter:  rhaas       |       Owner:  eschnett           
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Component:  SimFactory  |     Version:  development version
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 I just tried to compile with the release version of simfactory (on Gordon
 but that would not matter) and I get:

 [rhaas at gordon-ln1 Cactus]$ ./simfactory/bin/sim build --thornlist
 Error: required key email in section hal1 is missing
 Aborting Simfactory.
 The same happens for the "user" key as well.

 This is most likely hidden for most users since keys in the [default]
 section of defs.ini.local hide this issue. email may make sense to specify
 in defs.local.ini but user would not seem like something that should be
 left to default since it is machine specific.

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