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#1338: Rename Carpet output files
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Comment (by knarf):

 Just for the record (and because I will not be present for the next call):
 "._-" would all be fine with me, both in single and double versions.
 Excluding "." because of some problems we are at:
 1. hydrobase_w_lorentz.maximum.asc
 2. hydrobase-w_lorentz.maximum.asc
 3. hydrobase__w_lorentz.maximum.asc
 4. hydrobase--w_lorentz.maximum.asc
 Of these, number 3 "looks" best to me, but I can see problems with
 potential underscores in variable names (although two in a row would be
 very unusual). So in the end my list of preference would be 2, 4, 3, 1.
 But really, I would be happy with any of these. And I think we should
 change the default.

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