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#1556: Online Thorn Guide broken
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Comment (by eschnett):

 We just do not use section numbers. Think Unix directory -- the files are
 not numbered, they just have names. In our documentation, the sections
 should similarly be labelled by arrangement and thorn; adding integer
 numbers is not necessary.

 Documentation is slightly different from source code. When building a
 configuration, we explicitly choose which thorns to include (thorn list),
 and ignore all others. These other thorns thus may contain code that
 doesn't compile, and this is fine.

 With documentation, we want to have as much documentation available as
 possible. Requiring a thorn list to build documentation is a bad idea,
 because it prevents people from building documentation for many thorns
 that are just fine. Also, while thorns' source code often depend on each
 other (inheritance etc.), this is not the case for documentation; thorn
 documentation can be built independently for each thorn.
 - Preventing all documentation from being built because a user has a
 single (maybe even unused) thorn with a latex error doesn't make sense.
 This is different from an executable.
 - Building documentation only for a specific set of thorns is too
 limiting; this prevents people e.g. from looking at thorn PETSc until they
 add it to their thorn list. This is not necessary.

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