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#1556: Online Thorn Guide broken
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Comment (by knarf):

 There are clearly different ways people use the documentation. There is
 HTML and pdf - both are used by different people. There is one file/page
 vs. hundreds. Also here different people prefer different ways. I
 mentioned that I think it is important to be able to search in just one
 document containing all thorns. I don't see how a directory page linking
 the different ThornDocs would help here. Also, this only applies to the
 HTML version.

 Concerning the thornguide being configuration-specific: this is the
 default right now, and it has the advantage that you don't need to have a
 "clean" arrangements structure to get the thornguide for a specific
 thornlist - say the Einstein Toolkit. It also has the advantage that you
 typically only build documentation for thorns you actually care about, so
 errors in other thorns don't affect you. The only current immediate
 failure comes from #1489.

 There could be a 'make thornguide' too, simply creating a temporary
 thornlist from all thorns.

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