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#1556: Online Thorn Guide broken
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Comment (by knarf):

 'make ThornDoc' gives you a gazillion pdf/html files. It's just not the
 same as the ThornGuide. It is nice that it works, but it doesn't produce
 one document at the end.

 Getting rid of sections numbers does not seem to be a 5 minute change.
 Cactus assumes the thorn documentation can be compiled on it's own, using
 'section' as highest structure. It then uses chapter for sorting them into
 arrangements and something Cactus specific (cactuspart) for the overall
 numbering. Getting the 'chapter' part not to show a numbering is a two-
 line change. Changing the 'cactuspart' structure would be a bit more
 involved - not terribly difficult, but also not a 'I do this while I have
 my coffee' issue.

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