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#1556: Online Thorn Guide broken
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:18 barry.wardell]:
 > I have update the ThornDoc build process to include this information.
 This requires the attached patches for the flesh. If they are acceptable,
 can someone with commit access please commit them?

 Thanks for the patches. They look good, apart from some indentation
 problems (which in part come from tabs being present in the original
 file). I will test and commit them.

 > Are there any other features still missing from the ThornDoc?
 > The only missing thing I'm aware of is a search feature. One
 straightforward option for this would be to use a Google Custom Search
 Engine. I have put an example of how this would work at
 http://www.barrywardell.net/files/ThornDoc/. One possible downside to this
 is that they may include ads in the search results. There is an ad-free
 version available which is free for registered non-profit organisations.

 If someone would fix EinsteinExact, and with that the ThornGuide, then we
 would have something that is automatically searchable, without any special
 tool, fees, applications or ads, online and offline.

 Alternatively, we could use the html output from the ThornGuide, and
 generate _one_ page, with the current TOC being at the top, using internal
 links. This would be trivially searchable. We could even provide both
 versions, of some system couldn't handle a page that long.

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