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#1565: change default of IOUtil::out_save_parameters to true
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Comment (by Kastaun):

 I maintain a python based postprocessing framework which currently parses
 the parameter files into a python object so I can write something like
 par.coordbase.dx in my scripts. However, this will become increasingly
 difficult now that parfiles are slowly turned into some sort of turing-
 incomplete programming language. Also, I cannot access default values of
 parameters not in the parfile.

 For those  reasons, I would also appreciate a hdf5 file with all
 parameters in it. This could either be a separate file or in the
 datafiles. Preferably, each parameter could be an hdf5 attribute. It seems
 currently, "/Parameters and Global Attributes/All Parameters" is just one
 long string in parfile syntax, with quotation marks around strings
 removed, and $parfile etc already expanded. I am however confused about
 what parameters are included there. I compared for one of my simulations
 to the original parfile. Some parameters in the original file are not in
 the .h5, others not in the original are in the .h5. What is the rule here?

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