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#1565: change default of IOUtil::out_save_parameters to true
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Comment (by hinder):

 Thanks for the pointer Erik!  So, it turns out that Formaline by default
 outputs a lot of metadata to a file called formaline-jar.txt.  In #1370, I
 suggested that Formaline might be used for the metadata framework, but I
 cautioned that this then requires people to activate it, and it might be
 better to have such an important feature as simulation metadata handled by
 the flesh so it was available in absolutely all simulation output.
 Formaline also, as far as I can tell, does not store "processed" metadata.
 I would like an API for thorns to be able to register their own metadata
 with this system.  For example, Carpet might provide information about the
 actual grid structure, rather than the user having to parse this from the
 parameter file.  Erik, would such a thing be possible?

 I would very much like these features to be available for every
 simulation, and people tend to disable Formaline due to the time it takes
 during building, and the size of the source tarballs.  Having
 SimulationTools relying on the user having activated Formaline might cause
 it not to work in many cases.  That's why I would prefer a mandatory
 flesh-based mechanism.

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