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#1565: change default of IOUtil::out_save_parameters to true
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 Component:  Cactus       |     Version:  development version
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Comment (by hinder):

 If there were negligible overhead, I think people would be more likely to
 use it.  Unfortunately, the overhead is sufficiently large that I
 frequently take it out of a thornlist that is taking a long time to
 compile on a slow filesystem, or exclude the source tarballs when I sync
 data, as for small simulations they are much larger than the actual data.
 I have thought a lot about a way to store the source information using
 version control IDs etc, but the main problem there is to know what is a
 "well-known" repository and ID, such that it will be reproducible in 5

 I don't understand your statement about attaching the thorn tarballs to
 thorns.  Do you mean the thorn libraries?  As I understand it, these are
 typically statically linked into the executable.  So the source tarballs
 would end up in the executable anyway, and have to be included at link
 time.  I will open a new ticket about reducing the overhead of Formaline.

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