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#1568: Reduce overhead of Formaline
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Comment (by hinder):

 Yes, I have thought about this extensively.  For production simulations
 that end up in papers, I think you probably want the tarballs as well,
 just for safety. But in general use, in the case that the repositories are
 still available and haven't been rewritten, having the version control
 information is much more useful, as you can easily see which changes are
 present in one simulation, and you can refer to them by commit message and
 author, rather than by source code diff.  The main problem with this is
 that repository information is not usually synced to the machine where the
 tree is built.  For my own workflow, where I never modify source on the
 remote machine, it would be sufficient to collect the "manifest" of the
 source tree (i.e. repository/commit/diff info) locally and sync it across
 when source tree changes are synced.  It could then be included in the
 simulation executable and output by formaline.

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