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#1568: Reduce overhead of Formaline
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Comment (by rhaas):

 You can actually generate the tarfiles etc on the fly whithout having to
 write C code:
 tar c foo bar | od -to1 -v | awk '
   BEGIN {
     print "const unsigned char *SpEC_tarball_data = "
     printf "\"";
     for(i = 2 ; i <= NF ; i++) {
       printf "\\%s",$$i; sz++
     print "\""
   END {
     print ";\nint SpEC_tarball_size = ",sz,";"
 }' ) | gcc -O0 -o SpEC-tarball.o -xc -c -
 does the trick without any intermediate files. This was an attempt to
 include tarballs in SpEC which so far is stalled due to it being hard to
 decide which files to include.
 icc can also be made to use pipes though I think we can safely rely on gcc
 being around. With this the C code in Formaline sees a char* pointer
 SpEC_tarball_data pointing to the tarball data and SpEC_tarball_size lists
 its size so a simple fwrite(SpEC_tarball_data, SpEC_tarball_size, 1,
 stdout) can write the tarball. This only uses POSIX tools I think so
 should work on all machines.

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