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#1554: Want to define constants in parameter files
  Reporter:  eschnett     |       Owner:  sbrandt            
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Comment (by hinder):

 I usually combine the two features.  I specify the resolution with a
 simfactory definition such as @RHO@, which is then assigned to a python
 variable, and this is then used to compute the resolution-dependent
 parameters such as grid spacing, output frequency etc.  This allows me to
 use the same parameter file for different resolutions, which wouldn't be
 possible with the script feature alone.

 To be complete, I would say that a solution without simfactory would be an
 rpar file which you run before submitting it.  An rpar file generates a
 par file next to the rpar file, which can then be submitted.  Yes, the
 extra step is annoying.  I guess that like Roland and Wolfgang, I'm just a
 bit apprehensive about making the parameter file language too "clever".
 Does Cactus output a version of the parameter file with all these
 parameters expanded so you can easily see iteration numbers and grid sizes

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