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#1743: Reduce number of output files per directory
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Comment (by knarf):

 > This is a special case, since {{{ilog(0)}}} is not defined.

 We could define it. The "Number of processes that can access the same
 directory" being 1 doesn't seem to be unreasonable to me.

 > > - The patch uses strcpy/strcat; it should use strncpy/strncat instead.
 The assert about the length before
 > >   isn't enough; asserts can be no-ops, and they wouldn't silence
 warnings as well.
 > That's a common misconception. The semantics of {{{strncpy}}} and
 {{{strncat}}} are not what people think. The length argument of
 {{{strncat}}} isn't the available buffer size, and {{{strncpy}}} does not
 always append a {{{NUL}}} character.

 I do understand that a wrong usage of both strncat and strncpy can lead to
 problems much like the usage of strcat and strcpy. I don't understand why
 that should prevent us from using them correctly. Right now, with asserts
 possibly doing nothing, both strcat and strcpy could write into memory
 they shouldn't touch.

 Style: I really didn't intend to complain about the style, and even if so,
 certainly not to you. I am sorry if it sounded like that. On that topic: I
 didn't find this particular topic in the Coding Style guide of Cactus
 (maintguide), and spaces between function names and the opening
 parenthesis are not consistently used (or not) even within the flesh. We
 could add this to the style guide and probably should, even if that alone
 wouldn't improve the source magically. And yes, I agree: that style guide
 needs updating. But that would be another ticket.

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