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#1769: External libraries: moving towards multiarch library directory structure
  Reporter:  bmundim                |       Owner:                                  
      Type:  defect                 |      Status:  reopened                        
  Priority:  major                  |   Milestone:  ET_2016_05                      
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:35 bmundim]:
 > There is pkg-config installed on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. I guess what you
 meant is that hdf5 doesn't have a *.pc on trusty, right?


 > One idea would be to define a new variable, let's say
 CCTK_APPEND_SYSTEM_LIBS_INCLUDES, and when set it to "yes" it would find
 out what the system library and include paths are and add them only after
 all libraries and flags have already been set. To avoid breaking other
 configurations this would default to "no". We could then play with it by
 setting to "yes" only on ubuntu.cfg and smooth the
 > rough edges of the new system there.

 Ubuntu isn't the issue here. This can happen on any system. If we were to
 use something like CCTK_APPEND_SYSTEM_LIBS_INCLUDES, it would need to be
 enabled by HDF5, if Fortran is requested - on all systems.

 > Also note that there is a discussion on standardize these new
 directories in the case of fortran:
 > {{{
 > https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=757
 > }}}
 > but progress is very slow on that matter.

 Yes - nothing at all for the last four years, unfortunately. Maybe the
 hope was that the issue resolves itself in another way. In any case, there
 doesn't seem to be enough momentum to hope for anything in the near

 > ok, but I am not sure this would be a good idea. How would you check for
 that? What would trigger
 > this checking?

 We could trigger it the same time the library is already checked now (was
 that re-build?). That's not ideal, but also not worse than the situation
 now (where an external library could 'vanish' without Cactus noticing
 right away).

 > Ok, do you want to create a new ticket then?

 We could - or given that the multi-arch issue is resolved, mis-use this
 here. It would avoid copying all comments over.

 > Until then, I suggest to keep this ticket open. What do you think?

 I agree.

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