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#1842: clang-format options not valid for versions <=3.5
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Comment (by knarf):

 I tried the following:
 BasedOnStyle:  LLVM
 Standard:      Cpp03
 If I read the documentation correctly, this should result in a style based
 on LLVM, but with the standard being changed - which I also understood you

 While a quick check using this and version 3.5 works, it reveals still
 differences to what is currently in Carpet:

 $ git diff | wc -l

 The same using version 3.4 also works, but shows more changes:

 $ git diff | wc -l

 The same happens without .clang-format for
 clang-format-XXX -style="{Standard: Cpp03}" -i *.cc *.hh

 I don't have version 3.6 or newer.

 This to me indicates that different versions of clang-format format 'llvm-
 style' differently. But we also cannot (easily) specify our own style,
 since the options necessary to do so don't seem to work across versions.

 Unless I misunderstood something (perfectly possible), we either have to
 dictate a certain version of clang-format (difficult to enforce and might
 still break existing editor-build-setups), or we would have to come up
 with a configuration that works at least across some commonly installed
 versions of clang-format in a consistent manner.

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