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#1802: move AEIThorns into git repositories
  Reporter:  rhaas                  |       Owner:                                                                 
      Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new                                                            
  Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:                                                                 
 Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn  |     Version:  development version                                            
Resolution:                         |    Keywords:  ADMMass AEILocalInterp PunctureTracker SystemStatistics Trigger

Comment (by barry.wardell):

 The difference is that with the master branch the point at which the merge
 happens really does correspond to the point in time when the thorn was
 moved into the arrangement, whereas on the release branches the thorn
 existed in some other arrangement at the time of the release.

 There's no technical impediment to merging the thorn release branches into
 the arrangement release branch, it's more of a conceptual thing. For
 example, it could lead to a situation where the same thorn appears twice:
 once in the old arrangement, once in the new arrangement.

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