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#1676: Add CT_MultiLevel elliptic solver to the Einstein Toolkit
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Comment (by hinder):

 The galley example text has been updated.  The code will live in the
 CTThorns repository.

 The current holdup is a couple of test failures which seem to be triggered
 by switching from the original to the rewrite version of McLachlan.  The
 tests output ML_BSSN::ham, and this differs between the two McLachlan
 versions.  Since there is no evolution in CT_MultiLevel, we will probably
 remove McLachlan from the tests, and test just the ADMBase variables.
 Independently of adding the solver to the toolkit, we should also
 understand why the rewrite of McLachlan caused changes in the constraints.
 Erik said that the constraints should differ only by roundoff.  It's
 possible that "roundoff" for the solver is quite large, due to the method
 used, so that the solver variables meet the usual Cactus default
 tolerances, but the constraints do not.

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