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#1949: provide floating branch to "current release" and links to it
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Comment (by knarf):

 Good idea in principle. One would need to think about how to provide an
 update path then. Because once we start using a 'stable' branch, people
 will expect to be able to 'update' it (git/svn) for a new release. That
 not only breaks because repos might have been added or removed, but we
 would need to think how to provide a 'stable' branch that doesn't break on
 'update', even with possible local changes.

 Another question would be that we would add confusion what, say, 'git
 update' does. On an ET_XX branch it would pull critical updates. On
 'stable' (which might have been idential to ET_XX at some point) it would
 eventually pull in updates from a new release on 'git update', which might
 be unintentional.

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