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#1949: provide floating branch to "current release" and links to it
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:2 hinder]:
 > If we had a floating release branch, I don't think anything would
 change.  The user would "git checkout origin/currentrelease", and I think
 this would just work.

 If a user would only use 'checkout', yes. One 'pull' and you might have a
 great mess. And 'pull' would be the preferred way of updating the release
 branch to get fixes there. Which would mean that up until the next release
 'git pull' is recommended, past that date the same command could be

 > Since we don't support updating a tree from one release to the next, the
 issue of updating doesn't apply in any case.  The advantage of Roland's
 proposal is that we wouldn't have to update websites each time.

 As I understand currently, a moving 'stable' branch would be a nice thing
 to limit work we need to put into updating documentation, but it would
 present a problem to some users - especially if we were to use it by

 I would argue that this tries to solve a problem that really isn't such a
 big one, with potential for trouble for users. Most of the work for a
 release isn't updating version strings in documentation and tutorials. We
 could make that even simpler using, e.g., wiki variables. Most of the work
 is actually going through these tutorials the way a user would, by hand,
 to test if they still work that way, that there isn't a typo on the web
 page, check for out-dated comments, look out for machine or policy changes

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