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#1908: Cactus: don't print schedule tree by default
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 Component:  Cactus       |     Version:  development version
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Comment (by eschnett):

 I suggest the following:
 * Disable the schedule output to stdout by default
 * Always output the the schedule into a new file
 * For good measure (sorry, Ian!), output all level three warnings and
 replicate all stdout to this new file as well
 Thus stdout would be much smaller and more interesting. The new logfile
 would contain all the gory details.

 In the past, we've tried to decide what to output and what not, and how to
 let people filter it ahead of time. We could just output three files:
 * stderr, for when things go wrong
 * stdout, for things that are interesting most of the time, to many users
 * a log file, for everything else that can be output without slowing down
 the simulation

 With this in place, we can easily pare down on stdout, without having to
 deal with "but one time I needed this information, don't take it away from
 me" arguments.

 Also -- none of this should happen before the release.

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