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#1902: PETSc does not build on Ubuntu 16.04
  Reporter:  hinder  |       Owner:  hinder             
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  assigned           
  Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  ET_2016_05         
 Component:  Cactus  |     Version:  development version
Resolution:          |    Keywords:  PETSc              

Comment (by hinder):

 You would need ssh access to the build node itself; we don't record all
 the build output in the Jenkins archive (it is too big).  I'm not sure
 that blindly committing a change and waiting for the test system to pick
 it up to 'test' the change is the right way of going about debugging this
 problem.  Instead, I suggest that you reproduce the problem yourself on
 your own machine.  See comment:7. It should be really easy; I can help if
 you have trouble.  Ideally, we would have infrastructure in place to have
 accounts for ET developers in a virtual environment with the different
 architectures we were testing, so that you could log in and compile Cactus
 yourself with a given OS, and reproduce the problem (like we do on
 clusters).  We don't have that yet.

 Note that before, we were talking about 16.04.  But now the main build of
 12.04 is failing, so something has gotten worse.   Note also that many
 external libraries are being rebuilt as a result of #1897, and failing.
 Even the 'full' build, which shouldn't be affected by #1897
 (https://build.barrywardell.net/job/EinsteinToolkitFull/) is failing now,
 so the change to the ar behaviour has made 12.04 fail in a similar way to

 I am attaching configure.log.  This is from build 798 of

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