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#1928: support make parallel options in simfactory
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 Component:  SimFactory   |     Version:  development version
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Right now nothing changes since none of the ini files use @MAKEJOBS at . One
 can add makejobs to the ini files and use this as the default which can be
 overridden by the user. Eg.

 makejobs = 6
 make = make -j @MAKEJOBS@

 which can then be overridden by the user on the command line (not tested

 The defaults are often inconvenient on the OSX and generic Linux builds
 (since one cannot now in advance whether the build is a raspberry pi or a
 16 core corei7 workstation), see
 https://bitbucket.org/simfactory/simfactory2/commits/e6784d678365/ . I
 occasionally use a different number of make jobs on clusters but mostly
 for debugging or compile time error fixes when I want "-j1" so that make
 stops right after the error and error messages are not mixed with regular
 output from other make jobs.

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