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#1932: ML_BSSN: other_timelevels Parameter Not Respected
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 At the Jun 27, 2016 ET telecon, we found the following bug in

 Inside the ET_2016_05 ML_BSSN/schedule.ccl, you'll notice the following
 STORAGE: ML_Ham[timelevels]
 STORAGE: ML_mom[timelevels]
 STORAGE: ML_cons_detg[timelevels]
 STORAGE: ML_cons_Gamma[timelevels]
 STORAGE: ML_cons_traceA[timelevels]

 in all of these lines, "timelevels" should be replaced by

 This should result in significantly increased memory usage in the latest
 ML_BSSN (possibly at the 10-20% level), particularly in vacuum evolutions.

 Related to this problem, I noticed that in a previous version of McLachlan
 (2015_05, where the above issue does not exist), all constraints are being
 stored in checkpoint files, despite having only one timelevel.
 ML_BSSN_Helper is supposed to overwrite the ML_BSSN/interface.ccl request
 to set the Checkpoint="no" tag.

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