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#1928: support make parallel options in simfactory
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Changes (by rhaas):

  * status:  review => reopened


 Replying to [comment:9 rhaas]:
 > Sure. The system specific default must be set in the machine.ini file
 for the machine by specifying a value of makejobs (same as the system
 specific default number of threads when running the simulation). If none
 is specified (and make is actually "make -j @MAKEJOBS@" rather than "make
 -j 12" or so) then @MAKEJOBS@ defaults to 1 unless either overridden by a
 setting in the machine.ini file or by a -j or --jobs option on the command
 > Obviously if you just hard-code "make" as "make -j 12" in the
 machine.ini file then no value for {{{--jobs}}} will do anything.

 However it currently does not do this yet. Needs to be fixed.

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