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#1854: Very large global grid points leading termination
  Reporter:  himanshukharkwal765@…          |       Owner:  himanshukharkwal765@…        
      Type:  defect                         |      Status:  new                          
  Priority:  major                          |   Milestone:  ET_2015_11                   
 Component:  Cactus                         |     Version:  development version          
Resolution:                                 |    Keywords:  grid global terminate        

Comment (by anonymous):

 I tried to work upon the pbs script but i am still getting some errors.
 After run command i did:
 qstat -r :


 Job ID   Username    Queue    Jobname          SessID  NDS   TSK
 Req'd-Memory   Req'd-Time    S   Elap-Time
 ----------------------- ----------- -------- ---------------- ------ -----
 ------ ------ --------- - ---------
 207.hn1.lnmiit.ac.in    himanshu    batch    ModernFamily      36422     6
 120    --  720:00:00 R  00:14:57

 There were no results(tables). But got some errors inside .err and .out
 files. Can you please look at the ouput3.err and output3.out.

 new attached files:
 old names - new names

 .ini - hn1.lnmiit.ac.in1.ini
 RunScript - RunScript1
 SubmitScript - SubmitScript1
 .out - output3.out
 .err - output3.err

 Sorry for the late reply

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