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#1854: Very large global grid points leading termination
  Reporter:  himanshukharkwal765@…          |       Owner:  himanshukharkwal765@…        
      Type:  defect                         |      Status:  new                          
  Priority:  major                          |   Milestone:  ET_2015_11                   
 Component:  Cactus                         |     Version:  development version          
Resolution:                                 |    Keywords:  grid global terminate        

Comment (by hinder):

 You are using an optionlist for Fedora, which expects to find HDF5
 installed in /usr.  The problem is that it is not able to find the Fortran
 HDF5 library at runtime.  Is this installed?  Are the compute nodes
 exactly the same as the head node where you compiled Cactus?  I suspect
 that the file libhdf5hl_fortran.so.7 might be present on the head node but
 not on the compute nodes.  Can you check?
 find /usr -name libhdf5hl_fortran.so.7

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