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#1863: Carpet feature request
 Reporter:  sbrandt      |       Owner:  eschnett           
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                
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Component:  Carpet       |     Version:  development version
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 I frequently find myself editing CallFunction.cc to put some special pre
 call and post call functions in place. Sometimes, I just want to see a
 message when I exit and exit a function, so I have context for any other
 print messages I see in the log. Another use I have is to provide
 automatic checks to see when a function modifies a variable (by doing
 checksums before and after), and so on. I have a few more.

 What I'd like to have is the ability to register a function to run before
 a call and/or after a call. In principle, Accelerator_PreCall/PostCall
 could then use this mechanism rather than having carpet call them
 explicitly. The attached patch implements this functionality. I assume
 that there are lots of things about my implementation that people won't
 like, but I attach it anyway as a prototype.

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