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#1850: Severe performance problem on Stampede
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Comment (by dradice@…):

 Ian, Erik,

 hwloc is active in my ET_2014_11 runs, so this explains the difference.
 The two runs I mentioned before (with ET_2014_11 and ET_2015_05) are too
 different to meaningfully compare timers: I only verified that the
 ET_2014_11 was correctly using all CPU cores, while the ET_2015_05 without
 SystemTopology was placing all processes on the first socket.

 It seems to me that activating SystemTopology should be the default
 behavior, because running on a workstation is not a common use case. This
 was also the old behavior of hwloc, so migrating from ET_2014_11 to
 ET_2015_05 brakes many production setups. When running on workstations, I
 used to remove hwloc from my thornlist exactly to avoid the problem Erik
 mention above.

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