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#1850: Severe performance problem on Stampede
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:24 dradice@…]:
 > It seems to me that activating SystemTopology should be the default
 behavior, because running on a workstation is not a common use case.

 I would disagree with that. Running on a workstation is probably one of
 the the first things new users do, and this has to work out of the box at
 reasonable speed. For production, of course, that is not that common.

 Is there a reason why activating SystemTopology couldn't also work
 correctly on a workstation? Or why not using it would be that bad on a
 supercomputer (assuming KMP_AFFINITY isn't set)?

 I am not against using SystemTopology, or using it as default, but
 Cactus/simfactory should also make reasonable choices without it, on both
 regular workstations and supercomputers.

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