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#1868: automatically resubmit run if terminated due to walltime
  Reporter:  rhaas        |       Owner:                     
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  review             
  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:                     
 Component:  SimFactory   |     Version:  development version
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Comment (by rhaas):

 I agree to all suggestions:

 1. a test for "Done" must be there
 1. this must only happen when the job is submitted with a '--auto-
 resubmit' option
 1. Cactus should return a useful return value and simfactory should take
 to propagate this to the queuing system
 1. datura must not be the only system that behaves differently from all

 Also, in particular, warning message that are not the last line will not
 be headed (in fact, *no* warning will be headed as long as the run

 Based on the discussion the idea seems like a good one though (SpEC for
 example and various private simfactory-like systems have operated like
 this for a long time and this behaviour is more convenient than
 presubmission when a failure occurs).

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