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#2003: piraha_everywhere Zelmani stress test
  Reporter:  rhaas   |       Owner:  sbrandt            
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  assigned           
  Priority:  major   |   Milestone:                     
 Component:  Cactus  |     Version:  development version
Resolution:          |    Keywords:  piraha             

Comment (by rhaas):

 Replying to [comment:30 hinder]:
 > Roland: I agree that backward compatibility is important, but nothing
 should be absolute.  If it's a lot of work, for an extremely minor
 breakage, then it's not worth it, especially if it has only been
 documented for one release.  Put it this way: would you rather that Steve
 spent time implementing this, or working on the automatic sync statements?
 I disagree. I also think it is not much work as demonstrated by the code
 fragments above. We had a similar situation when we required that all
 strings in ccl files are surrounded by '"' quotes, which was fine for all
 ET parfiles (and all the ones I had written myself) but broke every single
 parfile used by Christian Reisswig and Christian Ott. They were ok to
 change their parfiles but it serves as an example to not claim something
 is "minor" because "I would never do this".

 > Was CarpetRhoRegrid/param.ccl written with that funny backslash because
 it said it was possible in the documentation?  I can't imagine anyone
 writing that line deliberately; it looks more like some auto-formatting by
 an editor.

 This must have been done intentionally. I would not know of an editor
 (emacs in this case most likely) that would add "\" at the end of a line.
 Auto-formatting would most likely just wrap the word to the next line.

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