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#2003: piraha_everywhere Zelmani stress test
  Reporter:  rhaas   |       Owner:  sbrandt            
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  assigned           
  Priority:  major   |   Milestone:                     
 Component:  Cactus  |     Version:  development version
Resolution:          |    Keywords:  piraha             

Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:35 rhaas]:
 > Note that there is an implementation of line continuation that does not
 require two passes and that works exactly as the one in the current parser
 that I propose above, so we *could* remain backwards compatible at no
 additional cost. That is, if one is willing to let combining lines be part
 of the routine that reads lines rather than part of the parser.

 The problem with that is that the parser wouldn't get the lines numbers or
 all lines following the line continuation correct - and the line-combiner,
 not being a parser, wouldn't know where to insert the necessary empty

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