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#2022: thorn guide on et website links to pdf pages
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Comment (by hinder):

 There is a Jenkins job which generates the documentation after any change
 to the toolkit.  See https://build-
 test.barrywardell.net/job/EinsteinToolkitDoc/.  This is for the master
 branch, but we could also create one for the release.  Following a
 successful build, we can run any hook we like.

 The generated documentation is available in a 13 MB file at https://build-
 Given that the file is so small, it is probably best to just copy the
 whole file after every build, rather than having a complicated rsync
 setup.  Jenkins could POST to a URL on the web server once a new set of
 documentation is available, and the web server could then wget the HTML
 file and deploy it.

 For reference, the current Jenkins documentation build job takes about 30
 minutes to run.

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