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Wed Aug 2 14:34:53 CDT 2017

#2055: Move gallery examples to EinsteinExamples repository
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Comment (by hinder):

 I added a pull request for the EinsteinExamples repo
 /add-gw150914-example/diff). This addresses just the GW150914 example.  I
 think the parameter file, any thornlist, any citation information, and a
 very brief README pointing to the website text, should be in
 EinsteinExamples.  All descriptive text and images should be in the
 webserver repo, as it would be hard to have that linked from bitbucket.
 If this is OK, the pull request can be merged, and the website repo can be
 adjusted to point to the bitbucket URL.  We can also change the
 instructions to use the version in an already-downloaded ET checkout,
 rather than having to use curl to download the parfile.

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