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#2073: IO corruption on SDSC oasis file systems
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 I am experiencing file corruption in ASCII output produced by the Cactus
 code on Comet's (and Gordon's as far as I remember) scratch file systems.
 This manifests as lines of output being mashed together in the output

 I have added strace calls to my job script to capture all arguments to the
 OS's write() function and re-created the write() calls based on this.
 Those write calls, when replayed on a login node, do produce a correct (no
 mashed lines) file.

 All output to the file in question was from rank 0 only even though the
 code used MPI and ran on two MPI ranks.

 The same code and number of MPI ranks produces a correct output file when
 run on the $HOME file system.

 Thus it seems to me as if there may be an issue with the file system. I
 can try and reduce the test case to a more minimal example (right now it
 is a full simulation even though it runs only for <1minute) .

 You can find the job script (for account, SLURM options etc) here:


 the script that launches the MPI executable here:


 the strace output here:


 and the awk script to recreate the write calls is:

 gawk -vFS='"' '/write.*\/grid-coordinates.xy.asc/{print "printf
 \""$2"\""}' ~/strace.18826.log >recreate.sh

 The corrupted line is eg. line 161 of


 which reads

 1 4 3 4 1 0.1666666666660.505076272276105285714 etc

 but should read

 1 4 3 4 1 0.166666666666667 -0.0714285714285714

 I can avoid the file corruption by flushing the output file after each

 I am wondering if there is anything known about this or if there is a
 workaround that does not boil to first writing all data to a file system
 local to the compute node and copying to /oasis/scratch after the job is
 finished (how much local space would be available since I would also have
 to do so for eg checkpoint files and 3d hdf5 output).

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