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#1994: PITTNUllCode/SphericalHarmonicRecon uses HDF5 1.8 functions
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Comment (by eschnett):

 I was not there during the discussion. HDF5 is now at version 1.10, so
 requiring 1.8 is possible. I am not aware of an HPC system that only has
 HDF5 1.6, and HDF5 is easy to install. Plus, we started supporting HDF5
 1.8 in Cactus more than ten years ago, so this is not a surprise.

 Now, HDF5 1.10 does have some very interesting features that we should use
 (or explore), such as e.g. virtual datasets (no more recombining!), or the
 new file format that promises much higher performance. But that's for
 another time.

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