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#2000: support radial boundary conidtion with Llama in NewRad
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 This implements the radially outgoing boundary condition on Llama's
 spherical grid. I (Roland) checked that the expressions agree with what
 CTGamma implements in its CTGRadiativeBC/src/calc_rhs.h, Ian checked that
 the physics makes sense.

 To use the this the user needs to set the parameter z_is_radial explicitly
 rather than in CTGamma where CTGRadiativeBC decides this on its own based
 on its knowledge of Llama's coordinate systems. If one really wanted to
 risk being clever one could likely try and auto-detect this like so:
     z_is_radial = (r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 0,0,1)] !=
 r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 0,0,0)]) &&
                   (r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 0,1,0)] ==
 r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 0,0,0)]) &&
                   (r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 1,0,0)] ==
 r[CCTK_GFINDEX3D(cctkGH, 0,0,0)]);
 though this is obviously not fully safe as it only tests at a single

 Pull request is here: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteinevolve

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