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#1718: MemSpeed: Re-use allocated memory
  Reporter:  Erik Schnetter         |      Owner:  (none)
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 Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn  |    Version:  development version
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Comment (by Roland Haas):

 Maybe related to this. The MemSpeed test takes lots of memory, namely 64GB
 on bethe:
 23714 rhaas     20   0   34.4g  32.0g  17016 R  47.4 12.7   3:09.85
 26084 rhaas     20   0   33.4g  32.0g  17308 R  42.1 12.7   1:39.39

 It really should use less memory (<200MB would be preferable) to avoid eg
 trashing when running on someones laptop or workstation.

 Is the memory use fixed or proportional to the memory available on the
 host (bethe has lots: 263867020).

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