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#2185: PAPI's compilation produces warnings
 Reporter:  Roland Haas          |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new                  |   Priority:  minor
Milestone:                       |  Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn
  Version:  development version  |   Keywords:  PAPI
 PAPI's build procedure currently contains two failing parts, one that
 shows up as error messages along the lines of "libthorn_PAPI.a_tests
 cannot be build" which is caused by Cactus setting a NAME variable in
 MAKEFLAGS which overrides what PAPI's Makefile wants to use and once that
 is finished, the tests actually fail to run since eg OpenMP libraries are

 The attached patch gets rid of NAME and builds only the parts we need.

 The $(pwd)/libpfm4/lib/libpfm.a path is copied from the Makefile
 (Rules.pfm4_pe I believe).

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