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#2175: Test "Single, stable neutron star" example
  Reporter:  Roland Haas              |      Owner:  Roland Haas
      Type:  task                     |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  major                    |  Milestone:  ET_2018_08
 Component:  EinsteinToolkit website  |    Version:  development version
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Comment (by Roland Haas):

 Tested on 2018-07-31 using my Linux workstation and gcc 8 and 1 core (1
 rank, 1 thread). Updated figure on website, provided tarball of results.
 Results look visually close to what was there before though there was no
 numerical data provided.

 I **do** however see failures if I ran the test with 12 MPI ranks (1
 thread each) which is a bug and I am following up on it.

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