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#2206: make LORENE2 the default LORENE in the ET
 Reporter:  Roland Haas          |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new                  |   Priority:  minor
Milestone:                       |  Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn
  Version:  development version  |   Keywords:
 We are currently shipping two versions of LORENE with the ET:

 * ExternalLibraries/LORENE
 * ExternalLibraries/LORENE2

 which are different snapshots of LORENE which produce / read incompatible
 binary blobs as data files for the produced initial data. See
 ticket:1817#comment:28 .

 Frank used to spearhead this effort (with me arguing for a new name to
 keep backwards compatibility).

 By now LORENE2 should be made the default code used and LORENE the one
 downloaded but not compiled in (they cannot both be compiled due to linker

 This has become a bit more urgent since Debian (and hence Ubuntu soon) are
 including LORENE in the version from cvs20161116 in their stable release
 (stretch): https://packages.debian.org/stretch/liblorene-dev

 CVS being what it is (and us not knowing which commit caused the change in
 binary format in the first place) it is not clear whether this is what the
 ET calls LORENE or LORENE2, but my guess would be it is LORENE2.

 Ideally there would be a one release warning before this happens,
 unfortunately the release announcement mentioning LORENE2 does not do so:

 Having a LORENE copy present would speed up compilation a bit and is
 already being proposed on the wiki: https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-

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