[ET Trac] #2285: Add the Self-Force code to the ET

Peter Diener diener at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Sep 25 10:07:15 CDT 2019

When we asked for reviewers on the ET call, I mentioned that the code is 
still private on the bit buckets and that people interested in looking 
at the code should contact me so I could grant permissions. The reason 
being that I'm still finishing up the code test paper. If you send me
your bitbucket user name, I can add you.



On Tuesday 2019-09-24 16:43, Roland Haas wrote:

>Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 16:43:03
>From: Roland Haas <trac-noreply at einsteintoolkit.org>
>Reply-To: users at einsteintoolkit.org
>To: trac at einsteintoolkit.org
>Subject: [ET Trac] #2285: Add the Self-Force code to the ET
>#2285: Add the Self-Force code to the ET
>Steven R. Brandt
>Comment (by Roland Haas):
>The code in the repository seems private I get (being logged in as @rhaas80
>to bitbucket):
>                       We can't let you see this page
>To access this page, you may need to log in with another account. You can
>also return to the previous page or go back to your dashboard.
>Ticket URL:https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2285/add-the-self-forc

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