[ET Trac] #2543: Consolidate data formats to simplify postprocessing

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Mon Aug 2 13:14:18 CDT 2021

#2543: Consolidate data formats to simplify postprocessing

 Reporter: Wolfgang Kastaun
   Status: new
  Version: development version
     Type: enhancement
 Priority: minor

Comment (by Gabriele Bozzola):

Thanks Wolfgang for this clear and detailed wishlist. I would like to add another item and share a thought.

10\. Grid arrays should be clearly distinguishable from grid functions. At the moment, Carpet outputs grid arrays in the exact same way as grid function. CarpetIOASCII also attaches some coordinates \(that are completely meaningless\). This confuses post-processing tools.

\(Bonus. Thorns should be discouraged from implementing their custom writing routines \(e.g., `VolumeIntegrals`\), unless strictly needed. \)


In the spirit of consolidating the data formats, I argue that Einstein Toolkit should provide a clear and well-documented way to analyze simulations. At the moment, Einstein Toolkit supports multiple different types of output and users write their own homebrew scripts depending on the way they decide to run simulations. For example, people might decide to output 2D grid data in the objectively inferior ASCII format because it is much easier to plot with `gnuplot`. If we provide a clear way to post-process data, users won’t need to understand the \(not clearly documented\) intricacies of how data is output to start doing science, and the way the output is stored will become an implementation detail under our control. This will allow us to settle on a specification for how the output should be produced. 


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